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Martin and Mike catch up over a coffee and chit chat about the benefits of swearing and emotional intelligence, why the recent media frenzy about eating disorders was stupid, why Mike hates macro's, Martins lack of work-life balance, will Mike get sued for what he said about dietitians?, is Martin posh? and whole bunch of other shenanigans 

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I finally managed to pin Martin down to get on Skype long enough to record something! In this show we talk to microbiologist Norm Robillard about IBS and controlling symptoms with Norms dietary approach called the Fast Tract Diet. In Mikes clinical experience so far, Norms approach works just as well as FODMAP if not better for some patients and is easier to do. 

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Kattarina Makkaiova has lost 33kg and kept it off with the help of #TeamScience. Mike interviews her about her journey. 

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Martin & Mike speak to Dr Rob Yeung who is a psychologist, coach & researcher in the field of goal achievement to discuss why people struggle with following nutritional or exercise advice and what can be done to help nudge people in the right direction. Tune it to discover: 

  • Is Mike on drugs?
  • Are dietitians still the food police
  • Mike being bought out by Big Steak 
  • Martins world tour 
  • Why persuasion and influence is important 
  • Martins fantasies about being a jacked superhero 
  • Are men pressured to look good? 
  • How do you get your clients to do what they said they would? i.e. follow the program etc
  • Why setting goals doesn't really work very well and what to do instead
  • Approach Vs Avoidance & how to use it to your advantage 
  • How high and low goals could improve your results
  • What willpower is, how to train it and use it to your advantage
  • plus a ton more!


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  1. Anonymous - Is it "bad" (whatever bad means) to eat the same meals everyday? (I love oats and eat them every single morning). Also, is it harmful for that matter to consume the same veggies and proteins everyday?
  2. Anonymous - In your experience (both personal and with coaching), what is the single most important factor towards achieving optimal performance in weightlifting? - What would be your first piece of nutritional advice to someone who wants to achieve optimal performance in weightlifting or sport (rugby as an example)?
  3. Tony Cottenden - The best ways you've found challenging dietary misreporting?
  4. Ross Coundon - What are the main techniques and tools you use to create sustainable change for your clients?
  5. Rob Turner - Could you discuss the potential negative effects of counting calories and how this may be unsuitable for certain clients (I'm thinking obsessive/ addictive personality types that may become slightly neurotic about tracking every last calorie, which may impact on quality of life). How do you make this judgement, and what alternative methods do you use to help people achieve their goals? Many thanks.
  6. Anonymous - Is fruit a good choice for a carb-up or re-feed food choice?
  7. Peter Ginger from Hertfordshire - When I do train, I want to train hard and effectively make up for lost time. My strength and size are still present. But my recovery is awful. Last Monday I did a Neil @ genetic arm workout. It was awesome. But my arms hurt for seven days straight. Even then they weren't fully recovered. My nutrition is fine. I believe it is my cns complaining. I've read that all I can do is reduce volume a lot and slowly build it up over time. Have you experienced this? Any help you and Martin can give would be awesome.
  8. James Kew - Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the somewhat controversial topic of reverse dieting. If you don't advocate it, what would be your nutritional recommendations for a physique competitor transitioning into the off-season? Maybe a period at maintenance calories to normalize some of the metabolic slowdown before jumping into a lean gaining phase?
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  1. Dylan Dahlquist - What's one crazy/weird/quirky thing that no one knows about either of you! Since you always ask your guests that question.
  2. Anonymous - I am an avid listener of your podcast with Mike and am a 1st year nutrition student in New Zealand. I have a burning question about your opinion on current nutrition recommendations. In my introduction to nutrition paper, we are told that it is recommended to consume 6+ servings of carbohydrates (one slice of bread is one serving) a day. It also advises to consume over 50% of total energy from carbohydrates. I feel like this is quite high and was wondering if you generally agree with this recommendation?
    • Mike gives a brilliant insight into the actual limitations placed on dietitians and you might be shocked at the answer.
  3. Rob - I wanted to pick up on your discussion about body re-comping, as you mention it's always going to be more prevalent in beginners, assisted athletes or people coming back from a lay off - it'd be great to hear more thoughts on this on the podcast from you, Mike and as you said maybe someone who's an "expert" in this area in particular. I think it's always going to be harder for a natural who's already in decent shape to make significant changes in body comp but by no means impossible. Prompted by the recent post by Greg Nuckols.
  4. Grant – I have a question about female contraceptive and its effects on fat loss. I have heard that it does have effects on fat gain/loss but are you aware of any actual research or papers that test the different ones to each other, or actual studies on body comp?
    • A few papers for you Grant:
  5. Kris Pina - Dietary recommendations for an obese, pre-diabetic client wanting to lose weight (versus what you might recommend for similar client with similar goals that has not been told they are pre-diabetic)
  6. Martyn Rackham - Any advice for a Type ONE diabetic (a friend has been recently diagnosed he’s in great shape and trains a lot but should he be doing anything special?)
  7. Roman Cabanac - Any supplement recommendations for body composition? As a natural athlete of course
  8. Stacey Smith - On your last show, James said that if weight loss is the goal then the macro split (given protein is kept high) is not of particular matter. My question is then, if one is already lean and looking to recomp the body or bring down body fat (not weight) is there an optimal split between carbs/fats?
  9. Tristan - on my PT course they said that in very lean individuals their bodies become better at processing consumed dietary fat and excess calories and less likely to store it as fat in order to maintain homeostasis, is this BS?
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Listener questions from this show!

  1. Martyn Rackham - Whats Mike’s favorite breakfast now that "big cereal" have got him in their pocket?
    • Hear how Mike went to a industry funded debate on breakfast cereals & caused a stir...
  2. Anonymous - Is gene testing able to accurately tell us whether we are a fast or slow metaboliser of caffeine?
  3. Anonymous - When you're on medication, is it really as simple as calories in vs calories out?
  4. Anonymous - Does the type of fat and quality of protein effect how my body responds to my training plan?
  5. Russell Woollery - The metabolic adaptations that occur in a fat loss diet - are these worth worrying about?
  6. Tristan A  - In extremely lean individuals Lyle McDonald suggests that fasted cardio can and does have some benefits over non fasted, what's your take on this?
  7. Russell Woollery - I would love to hear yours and Mike's view on body recomposition - gaining muscle whilst dropping body fat. Is this actually possible?
  8. Anonymous - Is it possible to eat as much as you want as long as you compensate for the calories via exercise or increasing neat?
  9. Anonymous - Can you overeat one day and under eat the next and still achieve weight loss?
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Everything you know about insulin is wrong. 

Following his Epic Fitness Presentation James Krieger talks about: 

  • The carbs = insulin resistance myth 
  • Ferarri's, not making a living in fitness, working with Microsoft 
  • The single most important thing when it comes to your diet  
  • Why even if you're diabetic (& insulin resistant) you still don't need to avoid carbs
  • Everything you know about glucagon is wrong 
  • The evidence based that negates the carbs/sugar = body fat theory 
  • Low blood sugar doesn't make you hungry, James explains why..
  • How & why low carb diets really work (hint: its nothing to do with insulin) 

and much much more! 

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Cambridge University geneticist Giles Yeo spills the beans on genetic testing in the fitness industry. 

Find out: 

  • How a geneticist stays sane 
  • Whether or not you can really use genetic testing to prescribe diets 
  • Will Mike survive the podcast? 
  • Why your DNA & how it affects you is like playing poker
  • What does ‘high genetic risk’ actually mean? 
  • Dirty tactics of some genetic testing companies 
  • Wet science Vs iron man 
  • Nutrigenomics - why we aren’t there yet 
  • How to really interpret & apply results from genetic studies 
  • Do your genetics control your destiny? 
  • The simple truth that genetic testing companies do not want you to know 
  • Quinoa Vs Personal Trainers 

and much much more! 


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Richard Lovatt created the Epic Fitness Summit to make evidence based science sexy & engaging. In this episode I chat to Martin about his experiences of the event and then we get Richard on to talk about the event, happenings over the weekend, whats coming in 2016 and more.

Note: Skip to 1hr 4mins if you want to hear Richard only! 

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