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February 2018
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In this episode we focus on protein with Stu Phillips and chat about: 

  • Stu's relationship to hollywood 
  • why the RDA for protein should be doubled
  • hairdressing in london?
  • Testosterone replacement therapy
  • How much protein does the protein guy eat?
  • thoughts on EPIC fitness 
  • any basis for alkaline diets?
  • Why Martin nearly quit nutrition
  • the psychology of extremism 
  • academics and monty python 
  • The China Study & T Colin Cambpell 
  • protein causes kidney problems?
  • and much more!


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Listen in as we talk to Dr Lee Hamilton about: 

  • Drugs for muscle gain & preventing muscle loss
  • When is mouse research applicable to humans?
  • Staying credible in the supplement industry
  • What are evidence based fakers?
  • How to misrepresent study data to 'prove' anything you want
  • Gut health and weight loss
  • Boxing, food & making weight
  • Should you use HMB or myostatin inhibitors?
  • Transdermal delivery of supplements
  • Does endurance training blunt effects of weight training?
  • And so much more!
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In depth interview with Prof Shawn Arent - possibly the most jacked professor ever! 


  • how to use basic physiology testing to complement nutrition & performance
  • eating disorders 
  • why do parents feed young athletes coca-cola but are scared of whey?
  • what the challenges of implementing team nutrition tactics are
  • are babies diets paleo?
  • scope of practice issues within fit industry 
  • rate your professor? 
  • Practicalities of getting athletes to buy into nutrition 
  • protein kills your kidneys nonsense 
  • why stress isn't always bad: threat Vs challenge  
  • and much more






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Diabetes 101:

  • why low-carb zealots are damaging diabetes care instead of helping
  • find out who is the fitness industries answer to Mariah Carey
  • Zealotism in diabetes 
  • why the daily mail inspired this show 
  • Martin is kenyan? wtf?
  • why the world is confused about low-carb diets
  • low Vs lower Vs keto Vs VLKCD diets gobbldegook
  • 82% fat diet for diabetes?  
  • how to get a punch in the face from a dietitian 
  • carbs = insulin = bad? 
  • how researchers are avoiding being labeled zealots 
  • why low-fat can work as well as low-carb
  • what things are linked to diabetes?
  • why obesity Vs central obesity is important
  • sleep deprivation & diabetes
  • and much much more!
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Exposed: Gluten Free & Ketogenic Performance Fallacies. Also covered in this epic interview with Trent Stellingwerff:

  • is low carb useful for athletes?
  • the dreadlock story you haven't heard yet
  • The carb continuum & why its important
  • how big of a difference does doping make anyway?
  • the very real limitations of ketogenic performance
  • are canadians the nicest people on the planet?
  • using placebo to boost performance
  • what the future of performance enhancement looks like
  • what a high gluten diet does to inflammation & performance
  • dose response placebo?
  • and a whole bunch more
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First episode of our Special Guest Series with Professor Kevin Tipton. Listen in to find out:

is there any evidence for BCAA's?

what kevin doesn't want you to tell his head of school

what he thinks about fasted training for fat loss

the advice that saved his life

should strength athletes eat more protein than endurance athletes?

why he reads mens fitness

does soy lower testosterone?

how ridiculous nutrition claims - and even social media - can help you be a better practitioner/researcher

the story about the tandem bicycle

why you might not always want to suppress MPB for hypertrophy

what blogs and podcasts you should listen to for evidence based info

how veganism effects performance

and more - way too much to list here!

Please leave reviews on iTunes if you haven't yet - more kickass guests to come soon.

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A full episode of answering listener questions. Covered: how to gain muscle whilst intermittent fasting, metabolic flexibility, stigma associated with dietetics, calorie deficits whilst cycling, any evidence for protein + fat breakfast? Is Martin a quack? lots covered + some exciting news. 

Discussed in today's show: Martin and Mike's personal experiences of competing, their nutritional approaches, things learned, what they do now and how to set up a bodybuilding diet yourself PLUS myths busted.

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In this show we cover Nutrient Timing with a special introduction focusing solely on the practice of 'Carb Back Loading' with some interesting anecdotes as well as, of course, a review of what the research says on the topic.

We discuss the timing of nutrients and how it may, or may not, be worthwhile paying attention to. The 'timing' of fat intake even gets a token mention despite the research on this topic being sparse to say the least!

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This whole show is about answering listener questions: we tackle the relatively new topic of reverse dieting - what it is, why it might be useful, how to do it. We also discuss internet gurus and why there are so many differing opinions. Also discussed is how to find research, how to evaluate it and the big quesion: Do carbs actually contain insulinz? You'll notice a new format i.e. no intro music. This was due to listener feedback! Let us know what you think :)